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About Amanda

Palmer Alaska Yoga Instructor

Finding Yoga

Growing up as an only child in rural Wisconsin led to lots of meditative and creative play.  Playing in the pond, roaming the forest, or simply playing with my pets, I was surrounded by opportunity to just be.  Ballet, gymnastics, and running kept me busy in high school, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered I could use the athleticism learned in sports to reach the comforting state of being through yoga.  Although I found a greater inner peace after practicing, I often found physical pain – a pinching in the lower back.

It wasn’t until I moved to Alaska that I decided to discover the physical benefits of yoga by diving deep into the study.  I completed a 200 hour teacher training, a 50 hour yoga sculpt training, and am currently working on my 500 hour advanced teacher training.

Upon discovering alignment based yoga I learned how to move and hold poses in a way that allowed my body to stretch and strengthen.  Yoga has allowed me to become more grounded, centered, and free.

Sharing Yoga

Instructor Philosophy

Yoga is an individual journey.  My goal is to create an inviting space in the studio so each student feels free to move freely.  Although I provide guidance in how to move through-out class, I encourage every student to make decisions that benefit them in the present movement.  My favorite thing about yoga is the community.  From the amazing instructors who continue to mentor me, to the community members who choose to practice in the studio with me – it’s an inspiring community who pulls together to support each other.

Alaska Yoga Instructor

Amanda Crowe, RYT-200

Join Me

You can find me at the Midnight Sun Yoga Center in downtown Palmer, Alaska.




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