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Amanda Crowe

Yoga for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Alaska Yoga Teacher


Quieting the mind, filling the soul, and letting the body move naturally is what the yoga journey is all about.  Yoga is truly a form of self-expression, connecting your breath with movement to expand the world around you and to focus within.  There’s no right or wrong, just acceptance of where you’re at in this moment in time.  It’s a beautiful path that can lead to health, happiness and ultimately, freedom – all we have to do is show up… just as we are.  Join me as we explore this path together.


Amanda Crowe

Alaska Yoga Teacher, RYT-200


Yoga Styles

What I Teach

Bend & Breathe

Start slow then add warmth through vinyasa (connecting movement to breath).  Allow yourself to release blocked energy and step away from your mat feeling invigorated and recentered.  Nourish your soul while feeling rooted, strengthen, and cleanded in both body and mind.


Yin movements use relaxed postures to stretch and stimulate the connective tissues of the body. This gentle practice will increase your flexibility, opening hips, lower back, and shoulders and enhance your overall sense of well-being.  Music selection includes soothing tones to help you relax deep into the pose.

Gentle Hatha

Classes start with slow warm-ups, move slowly through gentle movements, and end with deep relaxation,  The focus is on relaxation and alignment.  Music is soothing to help you relax.

Meet Me on the Mat

Where I Teach

Regular Scheduled Summer class:  “Bend & Breathe” Tuesdays 5:30pm Outdoors in Downtown Palmer (alternative location is at Midnight Sun Yoga Center – Downtown Palmer, Alaska)

For other oportunities to catch me on my mat, check out the Midnight Sun schedule on the MindBody app or online.

Why Join Me?

Regular practice of yoga can increase proprioception – your awareness of where you are in space.  With an increase in body awareness you can make positive choices in your posture preventing pain in the neck and back.  Yoga can improve your flexibility – you don’t have to be able to touch your toes to feel the benefits!  Through movement such as twisting and inversions (such as legs up the wall or downward dog) fresh oxygen is brought to the tissues.   Yoga can calm the mind and body allowing you to enter a parasympathetic state – a state of relaxation.  Leave class feeling rejuvenated, focused, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Smiles & Hugs

These are a few of my favorite things….

Traveling.  Attending new (to me) Yoga Studios.  Meeting people.  Slow food.  Good music.  Hiking.  Black & Tan Coonhounds.  Being on the water.  Getting lost in a good book.  Campfires.  Reindeer.



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